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The Clinic

Established in 2011


Vivian's goal to establish a Day Spa is to offer regular therapeutic massages into people's wellness routine to relax your soul, body, and mind. Vivian's extensive experience working in chiropractic offices helped her hone her knowledge of body alignment, soft tissue muscle injuries, treating sprains/strains, joint pain, repetitive stress, sports injuries, headaches. Also, she hones treatment to reduce inflammation in the muscles and nervous system and increase the range of motion. Vivian also worked at the luxury spa, where she learned to pamper clients' bodies and indulge all clients' senses and restore their well-being through her healing hands. All of this will allow for optimal function of the body and nervous system communication.


Thera Touch & Healing considers two basic principles: removing toxins from the body and removing dead cells from the skin's surface that will improve blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. In addition,  studies show that spa and wellness services lower blood pressure, alleviate pain from our bodies, and address muscle relaxation and hydration. When you visit us, the idea is to get a whole body rejuvenating treatment, healing, and mindfulness experience that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Our Philosophy

Since opening in 2011, our mission has been wellness and service. We are providing a sanctuary from stress a healing touch, a kind word, a place to reconnect, and setting an example of love and respect for the earth by embracing the joy of wellness in our own lives.

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